Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 3- Part V

Transcription update- 295 entries, 191.5 pages.  Finished with Day 5!  But right now, let’s get back to Route 66…


06-14-18- Entry 206- West on Route 66 between Seligman and Peach Springs

How much time am I gonna have after it gets dark…to be on this road?  It’ll be fuckin’ cool to have the…dusk, with the reds, oranges, yellows, and blacks in front of me…and put the damn visor up.  See the entire skyline…

Wonder what mountains those are in the way distance.  I’m gonna have to think about that one, because I’ve gotten more mountain ranges wrong on this trip than…Copernicus…and he didn’t study mountains.

Oh, fuck…Junction 19.  I’m just barely catching these signs, ’cause the…sun is right behind them when I’m trying to look at them…  Pretty cool.  It’s unique.  It’s not unique.  It’s something I’m just talkin’ about.  It’s an observation.

See, I can’t read these.  I need one of those green astronomy pointers, only a floodlight.  Maybe the Hellcat has an option where the headlights can turn into astronomy floodlights.  Get these green eyes rollin’ down the road.

Maybe I don’t get a sunset.  I was making fun of today’s sunset, and it went away.

It was like, “Fine, if I’m not gonna be as good as fuckin’ Ouray or the Grand Canyon, then you can’t have me.”

“I’m sorry.  I need you.  I need you, sunset.  Come back.  Come back.  Get out of the trees.”

06-14-18- Entry 207- Peach Springs, Arizona

That’s what you get…  I came to a sliding stop on a dirt pullout just before Peach Springs, because tonight’s sunset said, “Fuck you!  I’ll show you something better than Ouray, better than the Grand Canyon.”

And lo and behold, I probably got the best sunset of the trip so far.  So fuck me.

And the most haunting sensation of the whole episode, were the coyotes.  As soon as the sun set, they started howling in unison, as if cheering it.  As if saying, “Thank you for the show, now it’s time for us to get to work.”


06-14-18- Entry 211- Route 66 Between Truxton and Kingman

I feel like I’m in heaven right now…  Just driving through the real shallow, wide canyon lands on Route 66 heading towards Kingman.  Lots of ravines goin’ under the highway.  Lots of turnoffs, guardrails…a sea of assorted reflectors comin’ my way as cars pass.  Night’s almost taken full hold.

Just little baby canyons out here.  Little baby-Grand Canyons…

06-14-18- Entry 213- Kingman, Arizona

That was a pretty magical evening.  I kinda went on radio silence after ‘Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man’ came on…followed by ‘In Your Eyes’.  Some other really good ones.

Celestial dome was…so mad I was making fun of the sunset, even though…the sun isn’t part of the celestial dome, or…the other body that I’m about to talk about.  But I’m drivin’ through these…canyons, and just a magnificent sliver of a, I don’t know if it’s waxing or waning, crescent moon…


Don’t worry, I go back the next day to get some daytime details of the Route.  This evening was mostly just driving and getting a feel for the road.  Thanks for riding with me!

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m road weary.  Meet my host for the night in Kingman.



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