Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 3- Part III

No transcription update this time.  I’m gonna do that later whist I have no internet.  Let’s hit it!


06-14-18- Entry 179- Trying to Leave Grand Canyon National Park

Karma has struck.  I am the moron.  I have no idea where I am in this park…  Uh, it helps if you can read a sign.  So, backtrackin’…  Now I’m behind a construction vehicle and it’s…I deserve it.  Fully, fully deserve it.


06-14-18- Entry 181- South on Highway 64

We’re goin’ back through Tusayan.  I think that’s how the guy said it.  Listenin’ to my Duh 80s mix…  Here’s the plan that’s not a plan…  I’m gonna forego Williams…  West on 40 and see what the Route 66 is all about this evening…maybe Kingman.

Goin’ towards Williams.  Temperature’s increased like ten degrees since we got out of the park.  The park would not let me leave.  It was like a fuckin’ haunted house, that was the Grand Canyon.  I was drivin’ around in circles…  I think the signs were changing on me.

06-14-18- Entry 184- South on Highway 64 Heading Towards Williams

The vegetation, the trees…are short, wide coniferous bushes…lined up…along each side of the highway like warring factions.

06-14-18- Entry 188- South on Highway 64

You know, you’re doing this road trip to…relive the experience, and add in some visuals, and all that.  But don’t get bogged down in the details.  You don’t need to know what the species of pine tree it is, you can just say, ‘evil, twisted pines that are thousands of years old’, or something along those lines…

06-14-18- Entry 190- Same…

A little, black Mustang convertible…was pulled over on the side of the road.  And this is definitely a stretch of road where you can forget how fast you’re going.  And then the little, black BMW convertible that came right after is probably feeling sorry, slash, really thankful that the Mustang got pulled over, because they’d have probably got pulled over.  But then again, it is a BMW, so they probably don’t give a shit.

06-14-18- Entry 193- On Highway 40 past Williams

As we go southwest on 40 towards L.A.  But obviously we ain’t makin’ it.  I had…it crept in my mind, you know, me being the Dodger fan…’Wonder if the Dodgers are in town.’  Oh my god, would that be awful?

Cataract Lake.  That looked like Cataract Lake that I just passed, because it was nothin’ but a cloudy, murky…scum at the bottom of what used to be…a pretty nice lookin’ lake.

06-14-18- Entry 196- Route 66, Ash Fork, Arizona

I am startin’ my Route 66, and Ash Fork, and everything is Route 66.  You got your old 50s cars parked up on building tops, and everything says Route 66.  So, this should take me about two hours to get to…

I gotta keep my eye out for Route 66…and not go back on to 40…  This is gonna be cool.  I’m headin’ into the sunset…on Route 66.

Now we’re going back south under…sigh…f…under 40, and I’m just hopin’ that I’m stayin’ on Route 66.  I…maybe half confident that I am, oh my god…never mind.  I’ll be right back.

06-14-18- Entry 197- Back on Highway 40

Basically the Route 66 in Ash Fork is just a…and almost put the car in reverse at 80 miles per hour.  I’m out of it…  It’s just a business loop with 40.  Just some ol’ memorabilia…retro.  I’m gonna look for next, Seligman.  Goin’ this way I think…has a way to hop on 66…  Beautiful day…

So, in Seligman, we’ll see if we can’t dip north…  Ow-now, Crookton…Crookton.  Ah, damn it…  There’s gotta be some.  Can you say highway?  Can you say Route 66?  Exit 39?  Yeah, BABY!

Yeah, baby.  Tomorrow, my incredible account of a dusk-into-night drive on the historic Fury Road, sorry…on the historic Route 66.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m navigating…


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