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Which Badass Sci Fi Film Franchise is Healthiest…Now?

. Here’s some more viewing options as the storm clouds of Martial (not Marshall) Law approach. Heck, since we’re gonna be here a while, let’s dive into some franchises! Everyone knows my favorite day of the year is the day most of us observe the start of daylight saving...
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What Makes A Science Fiction Movie Badass?

You’ve seen the lists. You’ve read the articles. You’ve watched the countdowns. Everyone has their own opinion on the best Badass Sci Fi movies of all time. But what the others fail to do is break the genre down into its basic elements, and create a nifty little scorecard!...
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The SCATHE (Self Contained Arca Trochia Hub Engine)- a device actuating the Spire by draining thought energy from favored conscripts (individuals possessing unusually fertile minds). In electrical terms, the favored conscripts act as batteries, Arca Trochia provides the circuit, and the SCATHE is the transformer.  When activated, the SCATHE...
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