If you’re still reading, you’re ready to learn who’s behind all this Badass Sci Fi malarkey.

Kirk E. Hammond is just like you. He loves science fiction, cats, and words like malarkey, do-hickey, and rapscallion.

He was born, raised, lives, and works in Colorado.  His occupation is classified, because if you knew what he did for a living, you’d be very afraid for the future of this country.

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Mr. Hammond a naughty boy who needs to be punished. That’s why we made him write Halteres; a 500 page, boring-ass POS about some kind of alien planet shaped like a dumbbell. He cried, a lot.

Then we let him write Opposable.  He cried less.

We’re trying to get him to write the sequel to Opposable; Spire, but he’s a lazy son of a bitch.

After that, we’re going to make him rewrite Halteres until he gets it right.  It’ll be funny.

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