What The Fuck?

First of all, let’s get the grovelling out of the way. Become a Badass Sci Fi member and you’ll be sent a password to the super secret Members Only page.

There, you can get this high quality PDF poster (without the ‘urine specimen’ label) free! It’s multi-functional! Hang it on your wall, impress your friends, make it into a dart board, or use it to demonstrate how wormholes work (two Xs, fold, stick pen through, receive Nobel Prize in physics).


What’s this we bullshit?

This is Kirk E. Hammond. He’s just like you. He loves science fiction, cats, and words like malarkey, do-hickey, and rapscallion.

He was born, raised, lives, and works in Colorado.  His occupation is classified, because if you knew what he did for a living, you’d be very afraid for the future of this country.

This is Patton. At least this is what he looks like when he’s making the other guy work (and cry).

A missing fang, broken tail, and Tactical Opposing Opposable Thumbs have contributed to making him a monumentally tyrannical, bi-polar pain in the ass.

If you don’t believe us, come on over and see for yourself. We live in hell. You know the address.

We’ll have refreshments.

Give Badass Sci Fi a holler!

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Until, next time–

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